Palm Beach Marine Fuels delivers a full line of marine-specific fuels, lubricants and additives. Our top-quality products are competitively priced, which means our customers never have to choose between value and performance.


  • Our off-road marine diesel fuels meet current ultra-low sulfur requirements while also providing optimum cetane rating to provide ideal engine performance, efficiency and longevity. These fuels can be delivered in any specified quantity and can be pre-treated with the biocides and corrosion-inhibiting additives that prevent tank damage and the filtration problems caused by fuel storage in the marine environment. We can also provide premium on-road diesel at competitive prices.


  • Because the ultra-low-sulfur diesel fuels now mandated for marine use have reduced lubricating capabilities, it is more important than ever to ensure your engines are protected from wear by choosing the right engine oils. Our full line of diesel lubricants are formulated to help keep your engine components safe from corrosion, premature wear and the formation of sludge deposits. Our experts can recommend the ideal products for your specific applications.


  • We are the best option for boat owners who prefer or require non-ethanol gasoline for their inboard or outboard engines. Trailer boat owners will no longer need to seek out non-ethanol fuel at regular gas stations, and in-water owners don't need to pay premium prices at fuel docks. Non-ethanol gas burns efficiently, does not dissolve fiberglass fuel tanks, and will not adversely affect fuel filters and carburetors. Non-ethanol fuel is safe and preferable for vessels with older engines.


  • Palm Beach Marine Fuel has the lubricant products needed to keep your outboard engines purring like new. Outboard engine oils are specifically blended for the demands of marine conditions and will ensure your vessel performs optimally whether sitting at idle, trolling or cruising at higher RPMs. If you are not sure which oil is optimal for your boat, we’re happy to help.


  • We can deliver a range of E-10 blended gasolines with the specific octane ratings required for safe and efficient operation by modern inboard, outboard and sterndrive engines, including regular and premium blends specified for high-performance engines and racing outboards. We can also pre-treat the fuel at the time it is delivered. Best practices call for these fuels to be treated for stability against in-tank condensation and water separation. Pre-treatment reduces the burden on filtration systems, mitigates the deleterious effects of water contamination, and eliminates the need for after-market additives that must be manually added by the vessel operator.