Reliable, Competitive, and There When You Need Us

Palm Beach Marine Fuel is committed to providing the highest level of customer service in the industry, with competitive pricing, convenient delivery, detailed reporting, and professional service. Whether it’s topping off the tanks of your center console or making a bulk fuel delivery to a multi-million-dollar yacht, our team executes each transfer with the utmost attention to cleanliness and respect for your vessel. We take pride in arriving on time and in conducting our business in a way that is not disruptive to the vessel owner or others.

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  • Palm Beach Marine Fuel provides marine and yacht fuel delivery to slips, lifts, trailers, boatyards, transient wharfs and even residences. Through the use of long delivery hoses, we can usually provide fills without the need to reposition the boat. Vessels docked in locations that do not allow on-site refueling can meet our delivery trucks at a variety of on-water sites. Our services are appreciated by boat owners who keep their vessels in marinas that do not have on-site fuel docks but do allow third-party refueling. Where we serve more than one client in a given location, boat owners may be able to enjoy added savings by coordinating refueling needs to take advantage of bulk fuel pricing. Your Palm Beach Marine Fuel representative can explain this benefit.


  • Palm Beach Marine Fuel can provide storage and transfer infrastructure including tanks, pumps, drums, totes, and containers, hoses, reels and nozzles, tank and consumption monitors, and dispensing systems. To maximize convenience, we also offer remote tank monitoring. This allows us to optimize delivery volume and reduce the costs to marinas, boat dealers, repair shops, marine construction operations and others that have tanks. By analyzing safe operating levels and consumption patterns, we ensure you have the product you need, when you need it.


  • Cross “running low in the tank” or “out of fuel” from your list of worries. With our customized keep-full/top-off service, you'll rest easy knowing that your boat or fuel storage tank will be filled with top-quality fuels, and ready when you need it. And in addition to keeping the tanks topped off, we can include the additives that keep your fuels in prime condition so you're always good to go.


  • When diesel fuel sits in fuel tanks for long periods of time, algae and other contaminants may form in tanks. This problem can be mitigated when the correct additives are provided during fills, but vessels that remain inoperative for longer periods of time may require the additional safeguard of periodic fuel polishing. Palm Beach Marine Fuel has the equipment to filter and remove contaminants from diesel fuel tanks, and a team of experienced technicians to manage the process. This process can be done right at the dock and is a cost-effective way to guarantee performance and peace of mind.


  • The removal of waste engine and marine oil presents a potential hazard to the environment, and potentially big fines for owners who do not follow proper procedures. Contact us, and we’ll take care of it for you – safely, efficiently and without risk of a spill.


  • For situations such as yard work, seasonal out-of-water storage or loading onto a yacht transfer ship, it may be necessary to remove some or all of the fuel from your vessel's fuel tanks. To accommodate this need, we offer de-bunkering services, and we will provide you with a credit for the fuel removed, which can be used at a future date. Ask your Palm Beach Marine Fuel representative about this service.


  • There are times when you need help - and you need it now. We offer emergency deliver service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call us at (561) 692-4909 or Request Delivery for an immediate response.


  • Home generators are essential for South Florida residents. We understand how important it is to have the backup power you need in the event of outages and will keep your generators fueled and ready for us. I we are fueling your boat behind your home, we’re happy to also fill your backup generator.